Panda Crazy organizes your PAndA links and grabs them as fast as possible.


After installation, bookmark this page for access:

For easy add buttons in search and hit pages on, install the Panda Crazy Helper Add-on

  • Version 0.4.4 = Fixed a few problems with adding jobs from external scripts. Fixed a bug when changing friendly name or title and it reverts back to the original. Will now remember the date a job was added and display it in the details section. (Shows date only for newer added jobs.) Details section will now show the pay rate and duration. You can edit them too but will be changed by script after job is found.

[Beta version] Stability is not a guarantee. Export your data as much as possible. Be sure to check out the images below for examples.

This script keeps track of panda’s by having different tabs for you to organize. Can also put different panda’s in groupings to start or stop all at once. This script uses 1 timer called a cycle to go through each panda. It is set at 970ms. No need to set a timer for each panda. There is a help menu for this script so use it and find out what all the options you can do with it.

To export your hit data you need to go to the jobs menu and then export. Save your data as much as possible.

If the elapsed time is a lot higher than 1000ms than you can go to the cycle menu and push the reset button. It will go back to the original cycle at 970ms if not changed in the options.

While you are working on hits and you get too many going to fast errors you can slow the script down in the cycle menu by pushing the increase button or the add 750 button. Remember to reset the cycle after, though.

This script works in Chrome and Firefox.




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