This question originally appeared on Quora. Answer by Adam Lui:

Before adding a bank account to Amazon Payments, you must have your bank routing number and account number available (a personal check comes in handy).

  • Goto and click Shoppers next to Sign In
  • Enter your Amazon sign-in details and click Sign in using our secure server

  • Click Edit My Account Settings

  • Click Add a bank account in the Payment Settings
  • Fill in your bank account information, driver’s license number and billing address

  • Enter your online banking username and password and click Verify Instantly

  • Or, click alternative method to verify your bank account, submit a bank statement and await verification

  • Once the email confirmation arrives…
  • …go to Your Account > Transfer Earnings, enter a transfer amount and click Continue

  • Click Confirm Transfer

  • Await completion of your transfer request

Once completed, the transaction will show up as a direct deposit in your bank activity log. The transfer speed varies with each bank.

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